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San Vicente, Buenos Aires Mayo 2020

21 mar 2007

V I V I A N A  P A R R A

V I V I A N A  P A R R A

Viviana was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Makes one believe that Tango is truly in her genes.
Her dancing is a beautiful expression of the very "portenio"
character and sensibility.
She studied Modeling, Acting, Singing, African Dances, and
Argentine Tango with:
• Carlos & Beatriz Amarillo BA, Tango
• Julio Mendez BA, Tango
• Pepito Avellaneda BA, Tango
• Susana Miller BA, Tango
• Tete & Maria BA, Tango
• Mingo Pugliese BA, Tango
• Graciela Gonzales BA, Tango
• Pocho Pizarro BA, Tango
• Gustavo Naveira BA, Tango
• Nito & Elba NY, Tango
• Guillermina y Roberto NY, Tango
• Omar Vega NY, Tango
• Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli y Juana Sepúlveda, BA, Tango
• Tomas Corbalan, BA / NY, Tango.
• Berta Goldemberg BA, Acting
• Alba Oms NY, Acting.
• Djoniba NY, African Dances
• Spanish-American Institute NY, English.
• Oscar Del Rio - BA. Singing.
• Alfredo Sadi - BA, Guitar.
• Dora Baret y Matias Gandolfo, Acting.

And more⁄.
However, as she herself states, she learned the most at the milongas of Buenos Aires.
Viviana was one of the founders of the Tango Group "El Viento Norte". She taught classes, performed, organized several successful milongas such as the well-known "Patio de Tango" at San Isidro", Buenos Aires. La Belle Epoque in New York, VeladasTangueras at El Social, Buenos Aires,
Veladas Tangueras at  La Catedral de Almagro, Santos Tango en Chacarita, Buenos Aires.
Dance with Us, New York, She is part of the Consejo Tango Danza de Buenos Aires. Viviana has been Teaching and performing since 1993. Her style of dancing appeals to a wide audience while winning the price of the milongueros. As a teacher, Viviana is known for making the authentic Tango accessible to her students. She concentrates on musicality,
creativity, posture, balance, communication between partners, distilling the essentials of Tango learned firsthand from dancers of the older generation. 
Viviana is available for event organizations, Tours to Buenos Aires, shows, individual or group classes, workshops, Tango disc jockey, and general information about Argentine Tango.

Notable Engagements:


  • Broadway theatre, Town Hall, New York.
  • World Trade Centre, New York
  • Metropolitan Club, New York
  • Rockefeller Center, New York
  • Alvin Ailey School, New York.
  • Lincoln Center, Gala for President of Argentina, New York
  • Cornell University, Ithaca.
  • Eugene Symphony, Oregon.
  • Brooklin center for Belleayre Music Festival, Highmount. NY
  • Teatro Solís, Montevideo, Uruguay. 2008.
  • United Nations, New York
  • Argentine Embassy, Gala for Vice president of Argentina, US
  • Dancesport Studios, New York
  • Dardo Galletto Studios, New York
  • Middle Town Art Center, New Jersey
  • TangoPantera, New Jersey.
  • The Tango Society of Boston X-Tango, 
  • Spokane-Washington.
  • The Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio
  • Tango New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Marta’s Org. Miami, Florida
  • Tango Ocho, Miami, Florida
  • The Polish Palace, London
  • La Milonga de la Luna, London
  • Tangosfera, Amsterdam
  • The Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam
  • A Los Amigos, Bonn, Germany
  • Neo Tango, Catania, Italy
  • BelTango, Leche, Italy
  • CATS, Cork Ireland
  • DATS, Dublin, Ireland
  • BATS, Belfast, Ireland
  • El Circulo, Madrid, Spain
  • Eze Y Marianto, Madrid, Spain
  • Org Tango Ale, Barcelona, Spain
  • Pipas Club, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Liceo Artístico, Marbella , Spain
  • Aranda de Duero y Gumiel, Spain
  • Luna Park - Kevin Johansen, Buenos Aires (Dic 2014)
  • CAFF - Pepa y Amarula, Buenos Aires (Nov 2014)
  • Universidad de Buenos Aires
  • Festival de Tango de Buenos Aires
  • Festival Cambalache, Buenos Aires
  • Festival Tango Almagro, Buenos Aires
  • La Catedral Milonga, Buenos Aires.
  • El beso Milonga, Buenos Aires
  • Niño Bien, Milonga, Buenos Aires.
  • Alianza Francesa, Buenos Aires.
  • San Isidro City Hall, Buenos Aires.
  • Festival Tango, Calafate, Argentina.
  • Teatro Alberdi, Tucumán, Argentina.
  • El Cabildo de la ciudad de Córdoba, (Enero 2015)
  • El Paraiso - Tucumán. ( Enero 2015)
    • Teatro Solís, Montevideo, Uruguay. 2008.


    • Leni Mendez. New York/Buenos Aires.
    • Ariel Starbuck Iturbide Buenos Aires / Mar del Plata, Argentina.
    • Martín Epelde, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    • Mario Albarracin, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    • Chivas Regale. New York. USA
    • Sheraton Hotel Manhattan New York, USA
    • Grant le Duck, New York USA
    • E Dress Me, New York USA
    • Jos Smith, Oregon, USA
    • Jorge Leiva, Buenos Aires. Argentina
    • loom in nation.
    • Clarin, Argentina
    • La Nacion, Argentina
    • El Tangauta, Buenos Aires
    • Costa Norte, San Isidro, Argentina
    • Prensa Chica, San Isidro, Argentina
    • El Periódico, Tucumán, Argentina
    • New York Times, New York
    • New York Post, New York
    • Liberty Lake Splash, Washington
    • The Register-Guard, Oregon, Eugene 
    • Weekly, Oregon.
    • El Torito, Amsterdam


    • Some Hysteric Some Historic (off-Broadway) New York
    • Come and Go (off-Broadway) New York
    • Teatro El Anfitrión, Buenos Aires.


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    BUENOS AIRES / ARGENTINA 1994Televisión: Modelo:Grandes valores del Tango Buenos AiresCanal 9.


    HOLLYWOOD 2018. Operación Finale ( Argentina ). Roll: Extra. Director Chris Weitz

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